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The King Charles III is the name of latest incarnation of the pub, however through its life it has had several names.

The Chequers

According to the South Greenhow Licence Registers date 16th Sep 1794  The Chequers was a Beerhouse, owned by Watton Brewery, the tenant being one Elliott Fishpoole.  Then there is a record of it being sold.

"For sale by auction 16th November 1811. Then in occupation of Elliott Fishpool as a tenant from year to year.
Property including large barn, stable and two Inclosures of land adjoining, containing about three acres.

Lot No. 12 in sale of Watton Brewery properties held at the Crown Inn, Watton on Wednesday 22nd August 1866.

Described as in the occupation of George Worf and built of Brick, Stone, and Tile, and containing Two Parlours, Kitchen, Pantry, Cellar, and Three Bedrooms. Also a Brick-and-Tile Barn, Stable, Gig-house, a Clay-and-Tiled Stable, and Two Pightles of fine ARABLE LAND, at the rear of the house, containing 3a. 0p 22p.
Rent £22. Copyhold to the Manor of Sporle with Palgrave. Fine certain, 4s per Acre. Land-tax 16 shillings per annum. Quit Rent 1/1½d per annum."

It was bought by Wymondham Brewery before being sold to Morgans in May 1895  There is a report that Morgans sales for 1960 were:-80 barrels of beer 19 spirits (gallons), which suggests that it was in Morgans possession until at least 1960

Since then it has been owned by Bullards, Watney Mann, then, in March 1988 it was bought by Brent Walker.

This is the earliest image we can find taken looking north up the street showing the Pub sign, in the same position as it is today.

Note the building in the background. it is our cue to put these images in sequence...

This is a later image taken from the same location, note now that the roof of the building in the background has fallen and the wall has been castellated 

This image is taken from a location further down the Street looking south, note again the building on the left has castellated walls.

Ron Attingborough  ran the pub from March 1982 up to December 1989. The beer at that time was from Norwich Brewery; the bitter was made drinkable by mixing it with a bottle of Mackeson, and you could drink Bells from any of the whisky bottles on display!


Keith and Sheila Sexton were the next tenants. At that time there was a very active Darts circuit, and the pub had both men's and women's teams  and Keith used his trusty Ford Transit 10 seater to drive the teams around the local pubs. Dining was basic, cockles, pickled egg, or a bag of crisps with a pickled onion.  Poker Dice for rounds at the bar was an enjoyable, but for some, expensive pastime. It was during his tenure the pint of a pint went through the Pound barrier! 

When Keith left there were several other tenants;  Teresa Lynn who specialized in fish based meals, , Peter from Scunthorpe and Ian Lewis. however when Pubmaster acquired it in 1993, they  boarded it up and proposed to demolish it and use the site for building 11 bungalows and two houses. Lots of local opposition and the scheme was rejected July 1994.

The Squirrels Drey

John and Marjorie Ives took it over in Feb 1996, It became a free-house and renamed the Squirrels Drey.

John was known for bringing top class pub dining to the village, while still meeting the needs of those who just wanted a pint or two in a friendly atmosphere.

When they left for warmer climes daughter Jesse took over for a while, but unfortunately the pub closed again shortly after.

The Peddars Inn

Liz and Keith took over July 2012. and renamed it the PEDDARS INN 

Prior to its closure there was much speculation in the village about its future use. Plans to attain `Building of Community Asset' status being applied for by local community.

The pub closed again on Saturday 24th March 2018.

The Pub opened again shortly after but had hardly got going when Covid hit,  resulting initially in its closure,  then opening with restrictions for over a year.

Attempts to turn the pub into a predominantly dining venue were not successful and it had to close yet again

The King Charles III

Thanks to the efforts of a consortium of locals  the pub was reopened December 2022   known then as the Sporle Village pub.


After the Coronation in May of 2023,  in honour of the new King, the pub was renamed the KING CHARLES III 

The focus reverted to it being a  country pub serving traditional pub food,  together with theme nights, entertainment, and quizzes.  

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